BATTERIES – Systems for recycling and second life

We are witnessing the E-mobility explosion, with exponential growth of electric vehicles strongly linked to the production capacity of the battery industry. Demand is estimated to be 3,500 Gwh in 2030. In this scenario, it will be crucial to ensure the abundance of raw materials that enable the production of batteries such as lithium, cobalt and nickel, paying attention to end-of-life management of batteries as an indispensable process to ensure the recovery of raw materials with a view to sustainability.

This is why Osai GreenTech has launched a project aimed at creating an automated system for the sustainable recycling of lithium ion batteries, which through a mechanical process will enable the disassembly of the battery pack into its individual components, modules and cells, for subsequent recovery.

Osai GreenTech also makes its expertise and technology available to its customers to develop customised solutions based on specific recovery, reuse or recycling needs.