HARD-DISK – Systems for recovering rare earths from hard disks

Innovative project designed to automate the process of extracting, separating and sorting valuable components from disused hard disk. Rare earths such as neodymium, praseodymium, samarium and dysprosium contained in permanent magnets, obtained from the disassembly of old hard disk Drives, allow through specific processes to obtain secondary raw material to be reintroduced into production processes destined for high-end applications such as the production of components for electrical and medical vehicles.

The treatment of disused electronic devices rich in rare earths, such as hard disk, is an urgent issue in terms of data security, environmental protection and sustainable development. In this regard, consider that despite the strategic importance of these materials, the EU extracts less than 10% of them with a strong dependence on Asian countries.

In cooperation with various businesses and the academic world through the “Risorsa” project, Osai GreenTech is developing a specific robot system for the automated treatment of disused hard disks from WEEE recovery.

Osai GreenTech also makes its expertise and technology available to its customers to develop customised solutions based on specific recovery or recycling needs.