The 2023 exhibition season has officially begun. On 19 and 20 April, Osai GreenTech took part in the first event of the year, the second edition of E-Tech Europe, the international trade fair for advanced batteries and electrification of the automotive and vehicle industry, which this year also hosted Re-Battery, the event entirely dedicated to the collection, recycling, reuse, treatment and disposal of batteries and e-waste, electric vehicles and electric mobility.

In front of the main industrial players from the entire electromechanical, electronic and zero-emission electric mobility sector, Marco Guolo, the company’s CTO, presented “NEW-RE: the automated process of dismantling hard disks and recycling rare earths from magnets”, a project co-funded by EIT Raw Materials, which aims to build a demonstration plant to be installed in Ceccano (FR) with a treatment potential of around 20 tonnes per year of permanent magnets contained in hard disks and end-of-life electric motors.

The CTO also had the opportunity to talk about “The journey of automation towards the circular economy. How Osai A.S. created Osai GreenTech to bring automation to the world of recycling”, starting from the creation of the parent company in 1991 with Carlo Ferrero until October 2022 with the creation of the first Benefit Company.

We look forward to meeting you at the next edition of E-Tech Europe/Re-Battery and invite you to visit us at the E-Waste World Conference 2023, to be held in Frankfurt from 28 to 29 June, and at the XXVI edition of Ecomondo, to be held in Rimini from 7 to 10 November 2023.