The Genoese start-up Hiro Robotics was founded in 2018 by four young engineers, Davide Labolani, Jacopo Lottero, Tomaso Manca and Michele Oliveri, with the aim of improving classic industrial automation processes with collaborative robots, maximising the amount of critical raw materials and valuable materials recovered from discarded electronic devices.

In 2023, their proposal to integrate core competencies in AI, machine vision and robotics for sustainability meets with Osai GreenTech, set up to apply automation in the world of recycling, bringing efficiency, speed and sustainability.

The result is a collaboration in the development, promotion and commercialization of automated systems aimed at recycling for the circular economy in the sectors of WEEE, batteries and photovoltaic panels, signed during the XXVIth edition of Ecomondo.

“For Osai Green Tech, this signing, in an important context such as the Ecomondo trade fair, represents the first in a long series of strategic collaborations in the circular economy field, aimed at implementing advanced technologies through partnerships with Italian and foreign companies that share our company’s mission of bringing quality automation to the waste-to-energy sector” said Fabio Benetti, CEO Osai Green Tech SB S.r.l.

Davide Labolani, Sole Director Hiro Robotics S.r.l.: “For HIRO Robotics, this agreement represents further confirmation of the quality and maturity of its technological path and significant prospects for future growth. The collaboration with Osai Green Tech expresses the company’s desire to expand its portfolio of products related to the circular economy and to accelerate its entry into the international market, not only through organic growth but also through synergies with high-tech and social impact companies”.

 The Memorandum of Understanding between Osai GreenTech and Hiro Robotics sanctions a strategic partnership to work synergistically in strengthening the promotion of their respective systems and services to their Italian and foreign customers; for the industrialisation of some innovative systems and products in the field of WEEE treatment; to develop technological solutions for the treatment and valorisation of particular categories of waste, starting from batteries and photovoltaic panels, in order to make their treatment efficient, safe and sustainable. That between Hiro Robotics and Osai GreenTech also aspires to become an important synergy of projects and intentions, as well as an example for other realities because “there is no time to be competitors“.