The General Council of Confindustria Cisambiente was recently renewed. The new team also includes Osai GreenTech with the designation as a council member of Marco Guolo, the company’s CTO, who commented in this way.

“I am proud to join, for the first time, the General Council of Confindustria Cisambiente. I strongly believe that it is the right place to affirm the concepts and policies of environmental sustainability that we all hold dear. The company I represent, Osai Green Tech SB Srl of the Osai A.S. S.p.A. Group, brings with it thirty years of experience in industrial automation. I am convinced that automation and technological development can be the key to efficient and sustainable waste management.

Osai Green Tech is a benefit company, and therefore aims to pursue its mission in terms of business, while at the same time working for the benefit of people, the environment and the territory. This is the same spirit and the same goals that I believe I find within the Council.

I and the company I represent will bring to the team the automation technologies that we know so well, so that they can be put at the service of the waste recycling, recovery and disposal industry, especially e-waste with a high content of valuable and strategic materials. In addition, we will seek to establish and disseminate ecodesign concepts, to create products of the future already designed for a safe and sultaniale end-of-life. I wish the whole Council good work.”